CDS4 Battery Charger Range

ENAGs new generation of battery chargers are designed to replace the popular CDS3 range. This latest addition to our product range with new functionalities is simple to use. Polyvalent, it can be used as a battery charger, a DC power supply or integrated into your back up power supply systems. Adapted for all types of applications such as: marine, defence, industrial…

With ENAGs new range of automatic battery chargers you are assured of:

Efficiency: - A wide input voltage range - Works at temperatures of up to 60°C without derating - Plug and play function - Three outputs with distribution of the load current - CAN bus communication (option)

Reliability: - Battery type selection: AGM, GEL, Open lead/acid, Lead-calcium, Lithium, etc… - Charge cycle selection: Boost, Absorption, Floating, Automatic Refresh, Reboost.

Ruggedness: - Boards marine tropicalized - Efficient thermal dissipation - Thermoplastic packaging (recyclable)

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CDS4 Batter Chargers User Manual


Modular uninterruptable Power Supply 5 to 10KVA – ALMIV range

Thanks to its customized dimensions, the new range of ENAG UPS 19 reduces mechanical congestion and offers many options for the Naval defence market.

Due to its design and optimization for harsh environments, this range includes models that are IP23 or IP44 rated respectively. Many variable options are available depending on requirement (voltage, frequency, power, autonomy, double input, number of outputs, isolation controller)

On-board maintenance is now facilitated by its rack based design. The UPS 19” offers flexibility in installation, with each module removable so it can be maintained on board. Moreover, the battery cassettes (optimised dimensions weighing only 12Kg) are easily transportable.

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50/60 HZ OR 60/50 HZ Frequency Converter – CF range

The CF range of converters ensures the frequency and voltage conversion for AC networks. This new range of frequency converters, designed to work in severe environments, are the result of years of experience in designing on-board electronic systems.

Main applications:

  • Industrial version: Supplies all types of electrical equipment, frequency tests, motors
  • Marine version: On-board network supply in 50 or 60Hz depending on shore supply.

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Mobile 400HZ Frequency Converter – Covalt range

Our Ground Power Unit integrates a frequency converter and DC power supply in a mobile casing. The equipment COVALT 3x200V/400Hz – 28Vcc/300A is a MOBILE STATIC CONVERTER for the aircraft maintenance.

  • Manually or mechanically towed
  • Civilian or military models
  • Models from 10 to 120KVA for fixed or mobile version

Equipment composition:
Mobile platform assembled on solid wheels, nose wheel steering with coupling bar for manoeuvre by an operator or a tractor.

  • Energy conversion cell 3 x 200V 400Hz
  • Energy conversion cell 28Vdc 300A
  • Central operating, setting and signalling console.
  • Cables set to connect 50Hz supply network and 3 x 200V 400Hz and 28Vdc uses
  • Two side pans for cable storage

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Static Frequency Converter CFTT400 ttit

Input 3 phase - Output 115V / 200Vac 3 phase 400Hz t/
Power from 10 to 120kVA

Our CFTT400 static frequency converters benefits from ENAGs vast experience in the energy conversion industry. Its optimised interface makes this converter easy to control and use. Installation and maintenance are simplified by the ease of access to the converter.

Especially suited for powering aircraft during maintenance and/or start up or for on-board equipment on naval vessels.

Designed for harsh environments with unstable networks, the converter has:

  • Large tolerance for input network variations: up to +/- 20%
  • Digital control giving excellent precision on the output voltage – Conform to standard STANAG 1008 Ed.+9.
  • Galvanic isolation input/output
  • Excellent resistance to shock and vibration

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DC Power Supplies

Tactical Mobile power supply 230VCA-500VA

The tactical power supply ALMI is used to supply a stabilised, regulated voltage on the battlefield. A battery pack can be added to ensure a back-up. Made to work in rugged military environments the ALMI is weatherproof and can be transported without a separate container. It is particularly suitable for air transport.

The ALMI is designed to power electronic systems with 230Vac network, such as satellite communication, C4ISR and more.

The ALMI can be connected to 90 to 264Vac – 47 to 63Hz mains or to 24VDC voltage. The DC voltage can come from a battery pack or from an auxiliary network (such as a vehicle network, solar panel …) Easy to install and deploy on the field, this equipment is very simple to use. The cables are integrated with the equipment to facilitate its transportation.

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Tactical Mobile Power Supply 24VDC – 265A

The ENAG Deployable charger/power supply commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tactical power supply offers soldiers the power and portability they need to meet mission requirements. This range supports power-hungry applications, such as RF and mobile networks.

Specially designed for rugged applications and for ease of handling and installation, this power supply does not require a container or transport case, or any external accessories. With cables and connectors integrated and stored inside the housing, the material takes up a minimum amount of storage space.

Built into its own light weight waterproof container it can be easily carried to its final destination on the field of military operation.

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Mobile Power Supply 28VDC – ALT-ADT Range

The mobile ALT-ADT 28Vdc power supply range is used to supply vehicles like aircraft, helicopters, or drones.

The power supply is used to replace the on-board network supply allowing the verification of on-board equipment without using the on-board batteries.

Some models can provide high peak currents for engine start requirements.

Easy to use, the power supply is quickly installed and ready for operation. The connector types can be modified according to customer needs.

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Power Supply GMDSS Range

The power supply range FCA / ICA / FCC for GMDSS covers all vessel nationalities in the following areas of application:

  • Type of ship
  • Scope of application – title 2 and 3
  • Operation zones A1/A2/A3/A4

Installed on ship, these power supplies provide power from several available sources of energy to the radio system and the emergency communication system.

They insure an automatic switchover without cut-off between the main power source and the emergency power source.

This power supply range is compliant with the requirements of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the French regulations (Division 219 – October 2000) and for equipment installed on the Bridge (CEI 945 Standard).

The complete range is certified by Bureau Veritas – CERTIFICATE N° 10528/D1/BV

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DC Power Supply – ALM-ALT RANGE

The ALM-ALT DC power supply range is used in different types of applications to supply a stabilised and filtered DC current.

It can be used to generate a 28VDC on-board network for aerospace applications, for engine start up requirements, to carry out maintenance or to power test benches. In marine applications, this power supply range is used to create on-board emergency networks to power automats and communication equipment.

This type of power supply is often used for rail applications in the maintenance work shop to supply the locomotives and carriages.

Used to create stable low voltage local networks the ALM-ALT power supply range is widely used in the industrial sector. The power supply, based on thyristor technology, ensures the highest level of reliability and robustness. The cabinets and the electronic boards can be adapted to the environmental constraints of our customers.

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Rack Power Supply 24VDC – 135A

The ENAG range of Dual Purpose Power Supply and Chargers are available in different formats for ease of installation on military vehicles (19” rack, cabinets…).

With an I.P. of up to IP65, it was developed for use in severe environmental conditions and to ensure the supply of power to critical electrical equipment while also working as a battery charger.

Designed with PFC for maximum efficiency and improved power output it also meets EMC requirements MILSTD 461 or similar.

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Electric and Hybrid propulsion DC and AC up to 2 MW

ENAG designs, develops, integrates and maintains Propulsion Systems for commercial vessels

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Special Motor IP56 or IP68 with Brake or encoder AC and DC

Manufactured for intensive use in on-board applications (marine, railway…), these products can be provided with approval certificates from all the main classification companies (B.V, D.N.V, L.R, etc).

They can also be used in wet and aggressive environment for industrial applications.

On request, we manufacture specific machines according to customer specifications: (winch, capstan, windlass, davit, ventilating, pump, propulsion, etc)

  • Fail-safe brake 1.5Cn – 2Cn – 2.5Cn – with manual release system
  • Encoder
  • Protection factor for motor + brake IP 56, 66, 68
  • Reheating
  • Anti-slip
  • Winding thermal protection sensor
  • Underwater housing

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Overhaul/rewinding of motors and alternators AC and DC

ENAG manufactures, repairs and maintains electric motors since 1946.

These motors can be either an ENAG design or a motor from another constructor adapted by ENAG to meet our customers specific requirements . Our in- house expertise and experience allows us to over haul a wide range of DC and AC motors regardless of their condition.

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Propeller Pitch Indicator


A TM8 transmitter

  • IP68 protection
  • Can immersed in seawater (Max.depth 20 meters)
  • Box made of a stainless steel fixation stand and an ertalene plastic body that is resistant to seawater up to 10 million manoeuvres without any mechanical stops.

An ABN X amplifier

  • Sea proof and robust: electronics is mounted on an aluminium support and moulded in resin.
  • Settings available from the front side : centering and sensitivity
  • Allows multiplication, reducing the angle of pitch measure.
  • Analog display : dial with all scales
  • Digital display : 3 digits
  • Note : The measurement chain presented allows to connect 4
  • different types of indicators.
  • An ABNX version with 4-20 mA output is available.

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Compression Pump Unit AC or DC

Our range of compressor pumps and resevoirs are designed for use in the marine industry.

These pressurized water systems can provide either fresh or sea water on board.

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Enpower partner i.Power Solutions deliver turnkey, engineered solutions for energy, control and power distribution applications in the defence, mining, utility and industrial sectors.

i.Power has been involved both directly and indirectly with the Royal Australian Navy and other Marine groups in the Asia Pacific region for many years.

From conceptual design through to handover and final construction documentation, i.Power delivers to the highest standards.

  • HV and LV Switch Room design
  • LV Switchboard design
  • Custom Underground Mining Power equipment
  • Inspection and Test Plans (ITP)
  • Construction methodologies
  • Conveyor starters
  • Pump starters
  • Isolators
  • Generator Control

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