Land Forces

Designers and manufacturers of power electronics equipment for severe environments, ENAG offer on-board and ground products adapted to customer requirements. Based on customer specifications, ENAG design, qualify and manufacture complex on-board equipment to supply AC & DC power to land force vehicles.

The Energy Systems developed by ENAG include batteries chargers, DC/DC or DC/AC converter and distribution box using the alternator of the vehicle as a power source Our sales team, R&D, production, quality and service assist our customers during the different phases of their projects, from the initial design through to qualification and commissioning.

At ENAG we are equipped with all the necessary resources in house to design and manufacture our products while ensuring our reactivity and control : Research and development: Mechanical and electronic CAD, mechanical and thermal simulation tools.

All the products designed by ENAG meet Army requirements and respect the applicable standards (MIL STD ... EG13 ...) and especially EMC standards (MIL STD 461)

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